How to make a counter for an American kitchen?
The heart of a small American kitchen is the bar or the island, which integrate the different spaces between rooms kitchen remodeling Waukesha. This is why it is essential to decide strategically on its location and size.

What should you take into account when designing the bar in a small American kitchen?

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, the bar or island can be installed as an extension of an L-shaped kitchen or as the separation of two spaces in front of a linear kitchen.

The important thing is that they are not in the center of the kitchen, but at the edge of the space with which they connect, whether it is the living room or the dining room.

Depending on the space available and the number of people in your family, American bars can be built in different sizes.

The usual thing is that they are at least 1 meter long x 1.10 meters high x 45 cm wide. This way, you will have a large enough surface to use as a countertop or dining room.

Usually, the bars in American-style kitchens have two different materials for the base and the cover. For the base you can order it in wood with melamine coating.

Now, for the countertop you can use coatings such as large-format porcelain tiles and use hydraulic kitchen ceramics to add color to the backsplash. Another excellent alternative is synthetic stone countertops, which are resistant and aesthetically attractive, ideal for building a bar that stands out on its own.

American bars come with different designs and the choice will depend on your needs and personal taste. For example:

  • Floating bar. If you are looking for a bar that takes up less space, choose a floating bar (leaning on the wall), a folding bar or a bar with legs, since you can hide the stools once you stop using them.
  • Bar with rectangular base. If you want to separate the spaces even more, another option is bars with a rectangular base, which have a coverage that runs along them.
  • Bars with drawers. If you want to have more storage space, you can also find American bars with drawers.

How to distribute a small American kitchen?
The key to designing a small open plan kitchen is to first remove all non-structural walls to work with the open concept. Generally, this concept follows two lines or types of distribution:

  • Kitchens with a continuation bar. In this type of layout, the countertop extends from one of the kitchen walls and continues until it becomes a bar, forming a U.
  • Kitchens with separation bar. If the space is not enough for a U-shaped kitchen, one of the options is to place the countertops on one of the walls and, in front, locate the breakfast bar.

What materials and equipment are used?
To make your American kitchen 100% functional, use covering materials that are resistant to heat and humidity, and that are also easy to clean so that you forget about excessive care and maintenance.

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