Law firms can be distinguished through many classifications. It will be dependent on the type of jurisdiction. The sole proprietorship is one type of law firm. In a sole proprietorship, the attorney who handles the cases is basically the law firm himself. He is the person responsible for any profit and loss of the law firm. The second classification is the general proprietorship. In this type of partnership law firm, there will be many attorneys. They all wield equal rights. All the aspect of operating the law firm will have to be run by them. They will be sharing the ownership as well as their responsibilities. The professional corporation is another type of law firm. Shares and stocks are provided to the lawyers in this type of firm. The way that these corporations are run will be similar to your business corporations. The professional association and Professional Corporation are almost similar Law tutors.

The amount of compensation earned and received by lawyers will vary from firm to firm. Therefore, it would not be right to compare the salary of a US lawyer to that of a UK lawyer. Even within USA, the conditions will differ from one state to another. The salary of lawyers is also influenced by the size of the law firm. Larger law firms who give a lot of responsibilities and tasks to their lawyers tend to pay more handsomely than others. It is to be noted that not all legal professionals earn the same amount of salary.

There is no uniformity or proper pay structure between one legal profession and another. Thus there is too much of disparity in between the salary structure of different groups of legal professions. Moreover the salary information is not transparent in any state. This makes the information gathered by journalists and survey takers dubious or doubtful. You cannot depend on this data to a great extent.

What is the actual work performed by the law firm? A law firm’s whether composed by a group of lawyers or a single lawyer provides legal advice to clients. Laymen have a hard time fully understanding court proceedings. They need proper guidance and proper documentation evidence. The law firm will make the recommendations to the client about such things. The client being represented by the firm can also be an individual or a corporation. It is the law firm’s job to make them understand their roles and responsibilities. They will also help them go over their legal rights thoroughly. Winning the case will be largely dependent on these details, however minute.

Criminal cases as well as civil cases are handled by law firms. If there are cyber crimes or crimes related o business transactions, these are also handled by the law firm. Whenever you need legal advice or some kind of assistance pertaining to legal issues, you can consult a reputed law firm. The law firm can be made up of partners as well as associates.

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