When you want to work in screen printing, you must first be clear and know very basic aspects of it. Even if it is to make royalty promotional t-shirts or for a brand collection, you must know this clearly custom screen printing.

Let us remember that in terms of screen printing it is appropriate for: work on large orders, with basic designs, deliveries that may take time and for quality work.

But, here are some specifications that you should be clear about:

Pantone colors
When you want or require that the prints comply with a certain Pantone color of the brand or company, remember that in screen printing they are used as a reference. In screen printing, the colors are made, so Pantone will serve as a reference to reproduce the tone, which is why they can vary in relation to the real color by approximately 5%.

White base
Printing on garments with dark or intense colors will always require a white base, even personalized DTG printing t-shirts require this base.

By not applying it, the print simply remains translucent and lifeless. Sometimes it is done on purpose to create the effect of matching prints.

Print points
No matter how many prints you make, the printing points will always affect the price, remember to think about this when printing. The more printing points the budget should extend a little more.

Each print dot represents a separate print

Large format prints
we work with OVERSIZE prints in traditional screen printing, however we must consider certain limits, such as for example it must be a maximum of 3 colors, if the garment is required to be thrown disassembled, a minimum of production, linear arts and with little filling must be met. It is the most recommended.

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