Recommended to: Water Metropolis – Zhao tong

Zhao tong City is located northeast of Yunnan Province, located in Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces junction, historical vestiges. Is the birthplace of the three major early culture of Yunnan, one of China’s “Southern Silk Road” of the hub. Known as “the throat of West Sichuan, lock and key in Southern Yunnan,” said. Red Army march through Zhaotong 1935, the CPC Central Committee held in the prestige of the historic significance of the “Tashi Conference”, in the Chinese revolution, wrote a glorious page in history.

  1. Shangri-La

Recommended to: mind sun and the moon – Shangri-La

Shangri-La is a legend from the beginning to enter people’s vision,. This is an index in the summer; it has followed this great tradition. Open, and even some desolate, high altitude unique cold and some of the thin air, when rain is not cool, but cold, this is summer in Shangri-La

  1. Kowloon Falls Qujing

Recommended to: Livable Cuan House – Qujing

In the past, Yunnan Qujing summer resort wasn’t took into consideration to the ranks of the summer resort, but when the result is out, a Qujing man angry two Qujing people angry, and then later, a lot of Qujing people are angry . So, facing the wall self-reflection,, Qujing temperature really is new for the summer.

  1. Recommended to: Fei Huang green – Baoshan

Baoshan, western Yunnan in the Rift Valley mountain range that end, Mountain, South Nu Mountain extension of the mountain, things have Lancang River, Nu River natural barrier protecting one, varied terrain, mild climate, fertile land and rich resources.

  1. Solar Calendar Park

Recommended to: red Yi Heung – Chuxiong

on the land of Chuxiong , Dinosaur Hill, you will see the largest number of global saving, the most complete dinosaur fossils, you may even feel a sense of standing on a dinosaur skeleton; in Yuanmou, you can not only see from the 170 years ago Yuanmou ape living environment, but also through the soil surface Cang Sang Lin found that the change and its causes. The atmosphere here compared to the delicate Lijiang, Dali, compared here roared reason, I find it is more interesting

6.Tea Horse Road

Recommended to: Tea Capital – Pu’er

Pu’er is the famous “tea,” the home of the “tea” of the origin and distribution center. The famous “tea” Cultural Festival; “the sun turned the place” Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Park; Mexican rivers Nishimura twin wells; most spectacular sea of clouds for Wa West Union; “buffalo town” National Nature Caiyanghe protected areas; national key scenic spots the tiger jumped the Lancang River Rock Scenic Area; ancient southern Yunnan’s “Tea and Salt Road” Tea Horse Road; provincial historical and cultural city, with rich cultural atmosphere of the Na Yun Dai town.

Such a place, no matter how busy you are, you should find a time to see, And with the convenient transportation, train, bus.


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