The first steps you must take to know how to practice law begin in the training years, with internships, which are the first contact with the world of work. The advantages of doing internships to start practicing law while you are still studying allow you to learn how an office works on a day-to-day basis and which branch of law may interest you the most and in which you can specialize, because the specialty It will be essential to become a good lawyer Law Tutors.

Specialization is advisable
Along with traditional specializations (civil, criminal, commercial, administrative litigation, tax, labor, etc.), other fields related to digitalization have emerged in recent years (computer crimes, ICT law, intellectual property…) or new professions such as the Data Protection Officer, who combines legal and computer skills . The ways of practicing law in Spain are very diverse, as many as there are specialties to the degree that allow you to practice the profession where laws have to be applied, which are regulated by society. But to do this, it is necessary to complete the training of the degree in Law and not only that, also benefit from internships in companies in addition to seeking to expand your training with internationalization and deepening in European Law through the Master to Practice Law . Advocacy .

What requirements are necessary to practice law?
The first and fundamental thing is to have a bachelor’s degree in Law and complete a postgraduate degree or Official Master’s Degree in the Practice of Law . The third requirement is to pass the entrance exam called by the Ministry of Justice. Here we give you 5 tips to prepare for the bar entrance exam . With these requirements, after passing the training stage, you obtain the Professional Title of Lawyer, with which you can now apply for registration in an Official College of Lawyers (83 throughout Spain).

Once registered, an interesting option would be to access the legal profession as a lawyer . In this case, it is necessary for the practicing lawyer to provide experience of at least 3 years as a professional. In addition, he will have habitual residence and an open office in the area of ​​the school where registration is requested for the office shift. He will have a diploma from the School of Legal Practice course or equivalent courses approved by the Bar Association, or will have passed the access tests to the legal services established by the Governing Board of the Bar Association. Sometimes, merits and circumstances are even necessary that guarantee his ability to provide services during the official shift.

But if what you want is to be part of the legal body of the Public Administration as a State lawyer , which depends on the Ministry of Justice, it is necessary to take an opposition , once you have obtained the Law Degree. The Ministry of Justice makes a public call to fill the positions it needs. To take this opposition it is necessary to have, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Spanish nationality. Be of legal age, not suffer from an illness incompatible with the performance of the functions of the job or not have been subject to disciplinary proceedings from any Public Administration.

Obtaining this Degree in Law opens the door to other professions such as attorney, notary, judge or property registrar, which are also accessed with an opposition. The Master to Practice Law prepares you to be a lawyer.

Qualities valued to practice law
The basic skills to be an effective lawyer are usually public speaking , negotiation , dealing with clients or time management .

It is recommended that the lawyer to practice law be agile in making decisions and flexible to adapt to the changes that occur during the trial. Furthermore, he will be decisive, but also patient, to be able to manage the tensions of day-to-day life. He will be discreet and ethical, with the obligation to respect professional secrecy and ensure compliance with the Law.

The lawyer who also skillfully masters non-verbal communication , modulating his voice to capture interest, using gestures or expressions that reveal approval or displeasure… will be an expert in the art of negotiation, with the ability to reach out-of-court agreements without the need for go through court, in a process that can last years. And here are the 4 keys to being a good lawyer and bordering on excellence .

The professional ethics of the lawyer
Therefore, a lawyer needs to have the ability to attract clients, rely on new technologies and online client acquisition tools for lawyers. Practicing law is a profession that needs to generate trust in its client, and that is achieved with integrity, sincerity and trust . The lawyer has in his hands the possibility of winning or losing a lawsuit and a person who speaks well of his services is the best marketing campaign. To do this, it is necessary to be responsible and close to the client, with ethics beyond any doubt, with the concern to fix the problems of those who hire you. And that requires, in some cases, giving up or rejecting some cases because ethics does not allow it, because the client does not convey trust in you or it is impossible to empathize with the other person to work to solve their problem.

Training never ends
When a graduate receives a Law Degree and wants to practice in Spain, he or she should know that the formation of his or her professional life has only just begun. A lawyer never finishes studying because he must be up to date with legislation and jurisprudence. You can expand your training with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention, Project Management, Digital Marketing… This is another of the charms and challenges of the legal profession: the constant intellectual stimulation to try to win the greatest number of cases for your clients , always, with the best training.

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