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How are you! How is the week going? I hope everything is fine. Today I bring a post that I have asked on facebook and also in the comments of other post and on the contact form. These are some tips for us to do better on Instagram and these tips are useful for those who want to use Instagram as a way to promote their blog or for those who use the social network to promote their business buy 50 instagram likes


Instagram is a social network of images so quality is one of the most important things to work with. You have to find your own style for our Instagram images and we will be authentic. Nor is it necessary to be a professional photographer to have high quality images, since most of the images shared on Instagram are taken with cell phones. But you have to take time to take the pictures and properly configure the cell phone or camera that we use. After taking the photo, we can edit it with a program like Photoshop, with some photo editing application or directly on Instagram.


This is different for everyone, so you’ll have to use a bit of trial and error to determine what schedule works best for your followers. There is no magic formula, so you just have to try it. Try posting at several different times during the day for a week and see when you get the most interaction from your followers. You also have to see your own schedule and know when you will be able to publish and interact with your followers.


When you publish often, you have more interaction with your followers and it is also good to gain new followers. You can spend days without sharing and then publish the most incredible image … and get nothing. But if you stick to a fairly consistent publication schedule of 3 to 4 times a day at your optimal times, then you will get good interaction with likes, comments and new followers. But you also have to keep in mind that there is a thin line between publishing often and publishing too much. Publish often, does not mean publish for publishing. We have to focus on each publication on Instagram has quality and that is of interest and value to our followers.


The hashtags will help your images to be found. Use hashtags according to the image you are publishing. And you can also use one that is already being shared frequently, that is a trend, to help your images to be seen by a different audience.


Remember, Instagram is a social network so you have to be social. Simply posting your photos and never going back to them will not get you very far. If you want to grow a loyal audience and build a community with your Instagram account, you should interact with your followers. If they comment on a photo, answer and start a conversation. Be nice to make them feel like they know you and they’ll come back to your Instagram or you might win a follower. You can also connect with other Instagram users who post content similar to yours and form associations, collaborations and friendships.