Instagram (part of Facebook) is the fastest growing platform and it’s the perfect platform to give insight into your life. This allows you to build a personal bond with your fans and customers. Your photo or story (Instagram lets you post short videos about your life that are automatically deleted after 24 hours) says more about you than writing an article on your blog. What impressed me most was:

  • Instagram is especially popular with young people: 70% of its users are between 14 and 29 years old. 21% of the users belong to the 30- to 49-year-olds and only 10% are older than 50 years ( study ARD / ZDF ).
  • Instagram has more users in Germany than Twitter ( study ARD / ZDF ).
  • Instagram users are particularly active when it comes to comments and likes. The interaction rate is 58x higher than on Facebook ( Hootsuite ).
  • Here’s a picture of Statista showing how many Instagram users there are in Germany.

How was my way to get more Instagram followers?

I started my Instagram profile at the beginning of 2016. At first, I was excited about the growth of buy instagram followers. Because Instagram has overtaken Twitter within a few years and that makes Instagram one of the fastest growing social networks. Although Instagram users tend to be younger, they are also potential buyers of your offerings. And a great way to brand and position. Because one thing is certain: most entrepreneurs do not use Instagram and do not know how to get Instagram followers. In the following graphic you can see the growth of my Instagram account.

What you should not do on Instagram

One thing I ask myself: why do some people or entrepreneurs who want to build an online business – they buy Instagram followers. Maybe now you think that you suddenly have social proof through the sheer amount of Instagram followers. But if you buy Instagram followers, that’s more of a hindrance! Why? Because EVERYONE can figure out if you bought your Instagram followers. It does not matter if you can legally buy Instagram followers. The big problem here is:

  • The Instagram followers rarely interact
  • The Instagram followers can be fake profiles (already 8% of Instagram accounts are fake accounts and 30% are inactive ( BusinessInsider )
  • You harm your reputation

If you really want to buy real instagram followers, then do it differently and keep your fingers off the commercially acquired followers.