Not everyone can practice this profession and having the skills of a lawyer is not enough. In order to access the profession, you must follow certain steps:

obtain a university degree such as a master’s degree in law or a law degree;
obtain the CAPA (Certificate of Aptitude for the Legal Profession) to be able to register with the bar;
follow a 3-year internship under the supervision of an internship supervisor;
present a clean criminal record Law Tuition.

Please note that, during your internship, you have the same ethical obligations as professionals. You must take an oath and present your official candidacy to the bar. All conditions relating to integration into the profession are set out in articles 11 of the law of 1971 and article 51 of the decree of 1991.

Each year, the prestige of the position attracts many candidates. However, the services of lawyers are still in high demand and young professionals manage to build up a clientele relatively quickly. Once you have made your reputation, you will not have to worry about your future.

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