Those fashion clothing lines can only be found with the label evisu fashion clothing line collections. A popular fashion clothing line that originated in the shores of Japan Mugs.

One of Japan’s finest when it comes to clothes is the evisu clothing line collections. The evisu clothing lines are a popular fashion clothes that was first founded on Osaka Japan,The Clothing from the East Articles by a Japanese fashion designer Hidehiko Yamane.

As the man that behind the evisu clothing line, Yamane still holds on the traditional making of the evisu clothing lines. The evisu or evisu genes is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in producing premium denim wear through traditional, labor-intensive methods.

The evisu brand was originally called Evis which is the name of the Buddhist god of prosperity, but was eventually changed to what we all know today, the evisu.

The Logo of the evisu clothing lines is a stylized seagull, and is still hand-painted onto some styles of jeans. The evisu clothing line makes extensive use of heavy, premium-quality selvedge denim, produced on 29-inch wide vintage looms.

In addition to jeans, the evisu clothing line also makes some evisu t-shirts, evisu sweatshirts, evisu jackets, evisu shoes, and evisu accessories.

The evisu clothing line, like all clothing famous clothing lines, also suffered some scandals. In March, 2006, the evisu clothing line and Yamane was reported to Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office along with another firm on suspicion of tax evasion. Yamane and the two firms stand accused of concealing more than 500 million yen of income as well as evading some 160 million yen in taxes over three years.

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