Connectivity issues are always handled using the latest technologies. It is believed that use of modern technologies in this field has enabled the professionals and experts to develop solutions for networking issues. Real challenges come when multimode networks are developed and operated. Cisco has developed a perfect module known as glc sx mmd eol for the multimode networks. This solution is based on a transceiver which utilizes 1000 BASE-SX for the Ethernet connections according to the proper standards. This is now considered a favorable interconnectivity option for network links. This module is IEE approved and it utilizes the ports, fiber optics and routers approved by the IE.

Operation requirements:


In order to utilize this module, it is necessary to develop multimode networks. It has been mentioned above that this module has been developed to make the fiber networking easy and simple especially when it is involved with multimode. According to the professionals, this module is more favorable for the short range Ethernet connections and networks. However, there are possibilities to span these networks over long distances of up to 550 meters. It is necessary to maintain the wavelength at 850 nm in order to obtain the best results.


Difference between GLC and SX:


Both modules are available in the markets but for different purposes. It is just because of the main differentiating features. The most important differentiating feature is the data connectivity and DDM function especially at 1.25 Gbps. The new GLC module also creates alarms whenever there is something wrong with the network.

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