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A loss of libido can be caused by several sociological, physical or psychological factors including stress, depression, lifestyle, etc legal steroids. The work will be more difficult for some, but we can always fix it! Boutique Seduction offers you some tips to increase your libido!

Have healthy lifestyle habits

For a good libido, it is necessary to maintain a good physical health. In this sense, it is important to have enough hours of sleep to not run out of energy. A drop in energy is often equivalent to a drop in sex drive. Also, it is important to maintain a good diet. For example, heavy meals (fatty foods and fast food, among others) can affect your speed and your digestive efficiency and, by the same token, decrease your sexual desire. Playing sports is also an effective solution. A minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day would reduce the level of stress and allow better management of emotions allowing the libido to increase!

Natural supplements

Several natural supplements are effective for increasing sexual desire. Make sure you consume enough zinc since it facilitates the production of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Other supplements that can help you are vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin A. Your doctor will be able to identify if you are missing key supplements to your diet that can cause loss of libido.

Maintain the flame in your relationship

The routine can easily be implanted in a couple, which means that you forget your desires. Maintaining your relationship is an effective way to keep your libido. To do this, you must always work on your couple. There are simple and effective ways to do it. Complimenting yourself, taking a break from the routine as well as small touches are all ways to demonstrate your love. Despite the belief that sex must be spontaneous, you are the only ones who know you. If it’s necessary, put the sex on the schedule!

Reduce stress

Stress can be a big factor in decreasing libido since it generates adrenaline, a hormone responsible for lowering sex drive. This is why we must promote activities that allow us to relax such as exercise, massages, a moment of relaxation every day or bubble baths. Only you know what relaxes you. Make sure you incorporate them into your daily life and this will increase your libido.


Are you satisfied with the state of your relationship? A loss of libido can be the result of dissatisfaction with the state of your relationship. Is it with your partner that you no longer want to make love or do you have more desire in general? The difference is subtle, but it can make all the difference.