5 tips for designing social media content. The challenge is to simplify reading , remember that you have around 3 seconds to capture the attention of social media users. Always ask : What do I want to say? How am I going to say it? This way you can have an idea of ​​what you want to generate buy facebook comments.

We present 5 tips for designing social media content

1.-Structure and composition: The distribution in the design area, always consider the format you need to create (square, vertical or horizontal rectangular).

Identify the purpose of the content you are going to generate (inform, sell, promote, invite, etc.)
Hierarchize the information so that you can give a sense of reading. What do I want them to read first?
Generates levels of attention
Remember that it is not just about filling in texts.

2.-The photography/animation/video resources: Have you seen a commercial for brands like IKEA, GM or McDonald’s that are of poor quality? No? Of course not! It is because brands have a presence, their commercial image depends on how it is perceived by the consumer.

The quality of the material is important considering its exposure given the number of social media users. In this sense, we must take care of the details of each visual resource used.

Generating original material, exclusive to the brand, will always be better than using stock. This does not mean that stock is not a good resource, it is, as long as pertinent adjustments are made to personalize it to the brand. So as not to see the same element in another brand and reduce originality.

The presentation through photography of products/services is the consumer’s first approach; generating a good impact can turn your product or service into an object of desire (engagement).

3.-Typography is important: In the aspect of typographic expression, that is, the letter also provides an intention to the message that is written, it is not the same:

You can decoratively integrate typography, as long as it does not affect reading. Always try to review the design and corporate identity manual, where there are already defined fonts for your brand (if you have one).

4.-Check your spelling and important data: As a universal law for any media, spelling must be checked out of respect for the reader.

In the case of data, it can avoid future problems of contact with consumers. It is not pleasant to dial a phone number that no longer exists when we are looking for solutions or answers; Either an address that does not exist or one that has changed address will attend. This type of misunderstanding can have a significant impact on networks.


5.-Synthesis and writing: Regarding synthesis, coherence makes the message functional but we not only require the brevity of the text but also the functionality and tone. Disagreement with the corporate identity can give the brand a personality or “Humanize it” makes the contact with the consumer less generic and impersonal, the writing of the messages is the key.

We do not include the use of colors as part of our advice because the use of these is obvious and will also always depend on factors such as corporate identity, the season, the event and the circumstances, to generate the material.

In general, publications should be concise depending on their purpose, remember that we have the copy as support for the information that must be included. It is also important to diversify the content that will encourage and transmit a more dynamic sensation of your brand to the consumer.

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