Have you already adopted a dog and want to know what expert advice is for this fall season ? Do you already have a furry friend at home and you can’t stop looking for information to make their life happier every day? Or, perhaps, you are waiting for the best time to adopt or foster a dog in Huelva best family pets. Be that as it may, we want to welcome you to the blog of our Animal Shelter!

Because, to enjoy the company of a dog at any time of the year, it is necessary to know a series of elements that will make everything perfect. And today we are going to recommend these 5 tips for animals adopted in autumn . And you’ll see how they enjoy this season.

5 tips for animals adopted in the fall
Before going on to see all these points one by one, we want to take advantage of this space to remind you of the wonder of adopting an animal . Especially at key times like after summer or at the beginning of the year. Since at these two times, animal abandonments multiply due to summer and holidays , as well as Christmas gifts .

Let’s see the 5 tips for animals adopted in autumn!

hair shedding
Although hair shedding in dogs is continuous throughout the year, it is true that there are two times of the year where it “sheds” more. We can mainly observe it in spring and autumn.

What can we do so that our dogs in Huelva are less itchy and also have less hair everywhere? It’s very simple: we recommend brushing them a couple of times a day. In this way, we will control the loss of their fur much more. They will be much more comfortable and your house will be cleaner!

Beware of parasites!
During the summer months, fleas and ticks proliferate due to the heat and humidity. But did you know that autumn is precisely the time when we have to watch this much more?

Clear! Not only is it a wetter season than summer, so these insects continue to live. In addition, some reach their maximum population precisely at the end of summer. Which means that in the fall they are looking for your dog!

Consult your veterinarian and monitor your animals very closely.

And the long walks?
In spring and even summer, long walks are a joy. We can enjoy walks of several kilometers with our furry friends. They are very happy, we all get exercise, and the dogs ‘ naps afterwards are fantastic! But of course, the cold comes, the rains and… what do we do with these walks that are so necessary for everyone?

The drop in temperatures and hours of sunshine should not be a reason for us to stop going out for a walk with our animals . But if it is in your case, remember that you will have to reduce his food intake a little or he will gain weight! Overweight in animals causes health problems, just like in people. So we recommend that you consult this with your veterinarian and find the perfect balance.

We also recommend that you look for other times of the day to go out with them. It is possible that at 10:00 p.m. you don’t feel like more than a walk of a quarter of an hour and back. But, for example, at 4:00 p.m. it is very good. And it can be a great idea to wash down lunch.

You can even take advantage of midday or afternoon on weekends and go to the countryside. At these times (and due to the humidity that insects seek, as we have indicated above), they will find hundreds of exciting trails. Let them play and follow the smells, run and you’ll see how they enjoy it!

Appropriate diet
Although we have already mentioned it in the previous point, it is essential to find the diet that best suits the time of year. It is not just a matter of lowering the amount of intake so that your dog in Huelva does not gain weight. It is also looking for the nutrients he needs.

Omega 3 fatty acids, for example, will help you have much stronger and shinier hair. And this is not just an aesthetic issue: a harder coat will be one of the best barriers against the cold and not only will it be able to maintain a higher temperature, but its skin will also be healthier.

Coldest hours
Finally, we are going to recommend something obvious: try not to take your adopted dog outside in the fall during the hours when the temperature is lower.

It is not always possible, we understand. Whether due to work schedules, for example, or for any other reason. But we recommend trying to go outside for a walk at times when there is sun and, therefore, you will both be much happier. The walk will be more pleasant and surely more fruitful!

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