Without a doubt, a strong online presence is a critical part of successful legal marketing campaigns in 2021 and will continue to be crucial for strong campaigns in 2022 and beyond! You need a law firm website that is search engine optimized and mobile friendly . You should consider taking advantage of the various free attorney and law firm directories and we also recommend using pay-per-click advertising as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy Law tutors.

What else should you do to make your immigration law firm successful in the future? We have five tips to help you take your marketing plan to the next level this coming year.

1. Offers Content in Various Languages
In your immigration practice, you are likely to encounter many people of various nationalities and diverse backgrounds. Many of them may not speak English as their first language. However, if you are an American lawyer, you may have developed your marketing materials in English, at least at first.

Think about the clients you usually work with. What languages ​​do they usually speak? Spanish? French? Any other? Whatever the answer, you probably want to develop useful, easy-to-read content in those languages, so that your customers can more easily understand the information you share and feel more comfortable with your query.

Make sure you hire a native speaker or services that will translate your content naturally and professionally, rather than simply putting it into a translation tool, or you will lose impact and risk alienating your potential customers.

Looking for more information about marketing in multiple languages? Check out the information we’ve shared above about marketing your law firm in another language (in English).

2. Connect (National and Abroad)
Developing professional connections to obtain referrals can help boost business for any law firm. However, in the case of immigration firms, you will need to consider developing these connections both domestically and abroad. Being actively involved in your local legal community can help your firm succeed. However, you can also connect with programs, such as ESL classes, to offer resources and knowledge that can become references.

Additionally, consider opportunities to establish networks and connections abroad. Maybe you frequently receive clients from Japan. Consider contacting immigration consultants and lawyers in Japan who may need your domestic legal knowledge to assist their clients in the immigration process.

3. Focus on Written Content Marketing
For good reason, the phrase “content is king” is often repeated in discussions about search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. Content drives traffic on the Internet and, in the legal field, it is doubly important.

People often look for answers to their legal questions on Google and other search engines before they even start looking for a lawyer. They may want to know the general steps of the immigration process, the requirements for a certain visa, or information about how to help a family member join them in the U.S. Someone searching for this information is likely to type their question into Google. , and you will want me to be able to locate your law firm.

Having outdated information on your website can cause low search engine rankings. To have a chance of ranking well on Google and other search engines, you need to ensure that your written content is up to date with current regulations and policies.

As you probably know, there have been many changes to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immigration regulations and policies in recent years, due to both the COVID-19 outbreak and to the election of a new president. Make sure you regularly update your content. Additionally, blog posts or articles that are not updated should prominently include the date they were written so readers understand that they relate to previous policies.

Also, keep in mind that people seeking immigration services are almost constantly looking for updates on current policies, such as the number and quantities of H1B visas remaining, and the current processing times (in English) of visas and immigration forms in the different USCIS immigration processing centers.

Creating high-quality written legal content not only increases your law firm’s chances of appearing in search engine results, but it also helps build your law firm’s brand while making a great impression. . By offering solid written content, you can help these users find answers to their basic questions, while also creating familiarity with your firm, which ultimately increases the likelihood that they will contact your law firm. when they are ready to request the help of an attorney in the process.

4. Also Take Advantage of Video Marketing and Podcasts
Written content is very important. However, other digital content is also important. Video marketing increasingly plays a leading role in effective marketing strategies, while podcasts are also an effective way to reach new audiences.

In the case of immigration attorneys, these can be even more effective in helping you expand your reach. Although some people may not be proficient in writing or reading certain languages, they can often speak them (and vice versa). Translating content helps you reach those who prefer to read a second language. Video and podcasts allow you to reach those who prefer to hear or talk about it.

Additionally, using video marketing and podcasts helps build trust in your firm by increasing authenticity. Clients can see and/or hear you, and this creates a more natural relationship with your law firm.

5. Take advantage of Social Networks
Don’t underestimate the power of social media to help your law firm reach new audiences. Social networks allow your firm to better connect with the community. They can foster relationships and help you reach new audiences by increasing the channels in which your firm shares content, as well as encouraging other people to share it on their social networks.

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