Miracle mineral supplement

The Advantage Of Miracle Mineral Supplement

Miracle mineral supplement (MMS) also known as ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ is water purification drops, packed in bottles for the purpose of making the water potable. The purification of water is achieved through the process of oxidation enacted by chlorine dioxide. Miracle mineral supplement – MMS – is in-fact the combination of 28% sodium chlorite and distilled water. When mixed with water or acidic liquid like lemon juice, it converts into chlorine dioxide which in turn, is an approved chemical for the purpose of purifying the water that may be safely used for drinking purpose.

Proponents of MMS (Miracle mineral supplement) argue that chlorine dioxide, when produced after the interaction of MMS with water or lemon juice kills pathogens that are germs, bacteria and viruses, making the water purified and potable. MMS is also a good option to treat water for drinking purpose for frequent travelers who usually visit areas where pure water is out of reach. Supporters of MMS also claim of therapeutic use for certain types of ailments that have been well treated. Toxic effects of it are denied by the supporters of MMS.

The only top man behind the discovery of this useful solution is Archbishop Jim Humble of Newzealand who claims to have treated thousands of ill and sick persons through the use of MMS (Miracle mineral supplement). Accordingly, it has gained tremendous popularity among people all over the world and a host of people are taking chance of getting benefitted with MMS.