Cosmetic Dentistry

The Cosmetic Dentistry is the process of repairs and changes that a qualified Dentist performs in treating and improving the teeth health and looks. Dentists in all the corners of the world use different techniques to treat teeth or a single tooth that is missing, chipped or discolored.

The usual procedures that an experienced Dentist follows for Cosmetic Dentistry are reshaping, bleaching, veneers, bonding, crowns and contouring. In order to correct the de-shaped, crooked or overlapped teeth, the procedure of contouring and reshaping is used that may include bonding process, while bleaching is done for whitening or stains removing of the teeth to give a pleasing look. Veneering is the process of changing the shape or color of the front teeth through placing thin pieces of plastic or porcelain on front teeth. Caps or Crowns are covers to bring back the tooth to its regular shape. Besides, the Cosmetic Dentistry also improves certain oral problems as well.

Before undergoing for any Cosmetic Dentistry, it is very imperative that you make sure of the skills and past experience of the Dentist. You have the right to ask for references and before and after photographs of the works he / she has done in the past that will let you know the capabilities in the shape of previous work results of your dentist. Your Dentist is the best adviser to guide you the best type of cosmetic Dentistry to perform that will be according to the condition of your teeth.