The piano is an instrument that is learned through a number of years worth of practice and teaching. One of the best parts is learning how to play different styles of music on the piano.

So it is no surprise that many pianist are interested in learning how to play funk piano. Funk music can be described as a wild and interesting style of music.

In order learn how to play funk piano you need to understand the basics of piano playing and piano technique. Once you have a good understanding of music theory in both its written and played forms you can effectively start playing funk music on the piano.

One thing you can do to help you is listen to a good amount of piano funk yiruma. A good example is music by Robbie Williams or Herbie Hancock.

Listening to the music will give you a good idea of the general style. You should take a mental note of the aggressive beat style of the music as compared to other styles.

You begin learning and understanding the fundamentals of blues chords progressions. This will give you a good understanding of the theory behind funk playing. You should start working the relationship with the C7 with a raised 9th chord technique since this will be used a lot during funk playing.

If you want to learn how to play funk piano you should understand the ghosting technique. The ghosting technique involves playing a melody in one hand and then ghost the melody in the other hand.

You will need to emphasize the beginning of the C7 chords and syncopate the downbeats. You should use a strong style on the keys to emphasize the beats.

You should also add in an F7 chord for more variations and integrate the chord into both hands utilizing the ghosting technique. To help you learn quicker you can also start playing with an experienced funk player. You should also play with a metronome in the beginning until you gain better control before you move on to playing the song at its full speed.