In Chinese Feng Shui, it is said that your birth year will determine your character. The secrets to understand a persons’ natural inherited character, from the day he/she is born, is to understand which unique Chinese Zodiac animal symbol he/she belongs to. That is to say which animal year, out of the 12 animal symbols, is he/she born with? The 12 animals in Chinese feng shui are namely, the year of the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog and last, the pig or boar in sequenced.

Often, in our daily life, remarks we encounter like, “why is he so stubborn?” or “How can I get through your thick skull!” is not uncommon. On the other hand, remarks like, “I can’t believe him, he never runs out of ideals.”, or,” what is she thinking about? Can’t she make up her mind?” All these remarks above are common. Have you ever wonder why there are such remarks?

Chinese feng shui can explain why a persons’ behavior is linked to his/her birth year by looking at which animal series that he/she is born with. Over here we are not judging any particular animal symbols. That is to say, there are no rights or wrongs in a person who choose to live the life style he/she desire or the way he/she thinks (moral civilized thinking) that fits his own path of ideals. What we are tying to established is that different people will respond themselves to different ways, to create a balance towards his/her surrounding, and the decision that he/she decided to take can be determine by his/her birth animal symbol year in Chinese feng shui.

Understanding the animal symbols of what it stands for will help us to know more about our character and others character as well. Just imagine, if we can understand his/her likes and dislike because we are able to read his/her feng shui symbols, don’t you think the results will be less conflict and less misunderstanding? We can achieve the meeting of the minds among ourselves.

Just think, if we can understand what others are thinking, to a certain extend, we can influence others or being influence by others. In other words, understanding the Chinese animal zodiac symbols could help to improve our lacking points and further improve our good points not only for ourselves but others also. Knowing the significant of the birth year in Chinese feng shui can help the parents to understand their children’s character and thus guide them in a way that they can improve.

When certain Chinese zodiac animals meet, naturally they will get along very fast and very well. On the contrary, when certain zodiac animals meet, a lot of disagreements occurred and sometimes even frights happen. In business, if we meet certain compatible zodiac animals we can flourish together faster. If we meet certain incompatible animal series, flights and disagreements will occur. Those who understand Chinese feng shui four pillars and understand zodiac animals in feng shui can realized that such occurrence actually give a good chance to understand lacking points in ourselves and lacking points in others for us to see a better inside of each others heart better. A wonder ancient science, don’t you think so?

Usually a very simple thumb of rules, just for simple understanding but not the whole truth, is, we can use the clock method. For example, place yourself in the 12 O’clock position and mark down your birth year with your Chinese zodiac animal symbol. Than place on 1 o’clock position the following year and zodiac animal symbol and continues till 11 o’clock. For example, I am born in the year 1988. Than I will place the year 1988 on the 12 O’clock position and 1989 on 1 O’clock position and 1990 on 2 O’clock position and so on.

On the six o’clock position, that is, 6 years of your born year, either before or after, you will find that you are attract to this person easily. However, you will also find out later that you will dislike this person as easily as you like him/her in the beginning. You will also realize that, sometime it takes great effort to communicate with this person to get things done when both of you do not share the same common goals. But if you do, it is easily done. Quarrels are common because both share completely different views. Each will envy one another views because that is the one thing you would not do but secretly in you own hearth, you dream of trying it out yourself sometimes.

When you meet a person in 4 O’clock and 8 O’clock year position, you will find them to be very easy going and thus is able to get along with them very well. Not surprising to find that most of lovely couple is 4 years or 8 years apart in Chinese feng shui animal zodiac year. I have personally test out in my groups of friends who are especially lovely couple.

You will also find that when it comes to a person on the 3 O’clock year position, you are easily influence and later regret your decision. Therefore, it is good not to give a confirmation answer at the very moment but give yourself sometimes to think about and disgust before answering. The person in 9 O’clock position will be also influences you but less than the person in 3 O’clock. And therefore, regrets are less.


A simple understand of the born year in Chinese feng shui could help you understand not only yourself but others as well. The Chinese feng shui on animal zodiac symbols have unbelievable results in influencing our daily life. Believe it or not, the Chinese have been using it for centuries until now.