Recommendations for choosing a good lawyer

Here we will explain, according to our perspective, what issues you should consider when choosing and hiring a lawyer personal injury attorney rockford il.

The hiring of a lawyer has historically been decided based on recommendations from friends or acquaintances, although more and more people are currently hiring a legal representative through the Internet.

Due to the great power and responsibility that a lawyer has over the causes entrusted to him, we recommend that – regardless of how he met his lawyer or how well recommended he is – keep the following advice in mind.

An honest lawyer will always tell you the truth

The lawyer should not hide information. Always demand a copy of everything you sign to keep in your records (powers, fee agreements, litigation agreements, etc.).

Do not forget that the lawyer will be your representative. That is, you as a Client will always decide how to act and will have the last word on all matters (for example: accept or reject an economic agreement).

There is no guarantee of success in a trial

It is forbidden for the lawyer to secure the outcome of a trial. While there are lawsuits with greater or lesser chances of success, it is illegal and ethically questionable for a lawyer to assure his clients of the outcome of a claim or legal process.

In addition to being illegal and a lack of ethics ensure the outcome of a trial, do not forget that whoever will resolve your legal claim is an impartial third party (the judge) and that you will base your sentence on the facts that have been proven in the context of the judicial file.

The lawyer has with his clients an “obligation of means” by which he must give his best effort and take all the necessary measures to take his claim according to the laws, but he cannot guarantee a concrete result.

To make a difference, a plastic surgeon has a “result” obligation, for which he must use his skills to achieve the promised result.

As can be seen, the plastic surgeon is obliged to achieve a specific result (that aesthetic surgery is as desired by the patient), while the lawyer can only be forced to take his claim forward and in the best way (obligation of means ) but you should not promise to win the trial.

Therefore, no lawyer can ensure the outcome of a trial since no one can know what the judge will decide when resolving your claim.

The information about the fees must be clear

The modality of the lawyer’s fees must be informed from the beginning of the relationship to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises for the client.

What happens if you did not sign a fee agreement?

In case you have not signed any fee agreement with your lawyer, the fees provided by the laws in force will apply.

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We suggest that you ask your lawyer for all the information on what your fees will be for advice, consultations, and even what happens in case of success or defeat of the trial.

Ask your lawyer to explain the operation of the process, and if there are chances that you will face any expenses during the judicial or extrajudicial claim, as well as what happens in case of judicial defeat.

Work method of labor lawyers

In general, labor lawyer’s work with a scheme called “pact quota fee” by which they only receive fees in case of success of the labor claim and is made up of a percentage of the sums of money obtained by the worker.

Although the current law prohibits free consultations, it is very frequent that the labor law does not receive fees before the consultation of the worker.

If your lawyer refuses or hinders any of the points raised in this article, we recommend that you reconsider your hiring and look for other options.

You have the right to be adequately informed about the issues discussed before deciding to hire your lawyer.

How and where to complain about a lawyer’s lack of conduct

If you have already hired a lawyer and consider that he deserves a warning, you can report the fact to the Bar Association where the professional is registered.

We suggest that you always do a search on the Internet to learn about possible bad experiences of other clients regarding the lawyer and that you also consult the background of the lawyer that you will hire before the Bar Association of the Federal Capital that that entity has a record of sanctions or complaints against lawyers.

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